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The Board is currently working to developing a program called the IARLEO Rapid-Response. We feel our retired law enforcement members are a strong, highly trained and intelligent group that can be tapped for emergencies and special needs across our country.

The mission would be to create a data base of our member’s, their specialties and availabilities, that could be tapped by law enforcement agencies across the country when the need for manpower arises.

The IARLEO Rapid-Response Team could provide requesting agencies with a highly trained and dedicated field force available on short notice for: disaster response, civil disturbances, special events, site security or any other situations where a temporary cohesive and disciplined team of retired law enforcement officers could be critical to the success of their mission.

NOW, what we need from you is your thoughts and ideas. Please log in to the Members Only forum and tell us what you think the good, the bad and the ugly of this idea are.  We will be seeking volunteers to sit on the working group.




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IARLEO supports the International Police Association (IPA). It is the largest & oldest worldwide fraternal police organization of active and retired law enforcement personnel. They promote global and cultural friendship among peace officers.

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This site is dedicated to all retired law enforcement officers;

for the sacrifices they have made to maintain that "Thin Blue Line", the line between good and evil!

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