IARLEO Committees

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Legislative Committee

This committee is responsible for recommending a legislative plan for the Association. The Committee assists and advises the Executive Board and the membership in appropriate action to affect proposed legislation for retired LEOs and will keep the membership updated on legislation that will affect them. The Committee should form a formal structure of support to enhance any legislative effort of the Association. The Committee will work with other organizations like the FOP, IPA and others who will join us in our discussions. This committee will be chaired by an Executive Committee member.

John Comparetto – Chair

Art Gordon – Vice Chair

Enzo Cannizzo

Michael Oyer

James Hessel

Derek Beverly

Wayne Millen

Reilly Dundon

David Furman

Russ Atchison

Edward Wallace

Charles Condon

Program and Event Committee

This committee is charged with overseeing IARLEO’s programs and events. As IARLEO grows the need to develop programs and events will also grow. The Program Committee is charged with long range planning and general oversight. Depending on the extent of the IARLEO’s planned programs and events, sub-committees committees could be appointed and assigned a specific program or event to plan and oversee.

Derek Beverly – Chair

Larry Abramson – Vice Chair

Judy Thurmon

Sharon Schmucker

Membership Committee

This committee will be tasked with developing criteria for membership, credentialing members, making plans for recruiting members and developing and delivering programs for the members.

Judy Thurmon – Chair

Woodrow Tripp – Vice Chair

Kevin Gordon

Larry Abramson

The IARLEO Secretary

Affinity and Benefit Committee

This committee will researches benefits and partnering opportunities that will enhance IARLEO members. The committee will constantly look at ways to provide benefits and savings to our members. With established programs our members, their spouses and children can enjoy tremendous savings with top-flight companies.

Douglas Zuber – Chair

Jean-Yves Fichou – Vice Chair

Dennis Cirillo

Michael Oyer

Communications and Public Relations Committee

This committee will serve as an advisory committee on all aspects of the IARLEO website, e-Communications and Public Relations. The Committee will also monitor and communicate with members and potential members on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Members should have knowledge in websites, e-communications, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Public Relations. The IARLEO Secretary will chair this Committee. Sub-Committees may be appointed as needed.

Tony Kuhnell – Chair

Everett Monroe – Vice Chair

Sherry Flores

The IARLEO Secretary

Audit Committee

This committee will be a standing committee of the IARLEO. While the audit committee is a standing committee, its work is seasonal and tied to the end of the fiscal year. The committee will consist of 1 FOB member, 1 Regional Executive Board member, and 1 regular Regional Board member. The Treasurer will serve as a ex-officio member.

The Audit Committee works with the outside auditor, meets with the auditor to receive the audit report and management letter, and discusses the management letter with the FOB and Regional Board. Members of the Audit Committee should be financially literate and at least one (and preferably more) should have a financial background.

open – Chair

open – Vice Chair


The IARLEO Auditor

The IARLEO Treasurer ex officio member

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